+92DISRUPT - 2023
+92DISRUPT - 2023
+92DISRUPT - 2023
+92DISRUPT - 2023

This One’s for
the Optimists, the Visionaries, And the Reactionaries

To be called reactionary is often seen as a negative – in the case of the Pakistani entrepreneurship & tech ecosystem, it is the hallmark of our playbook.

In November, +92DISRUPT aims to highlight our reactionary streak by reassessing global demands, recalibrating local expectations, and restarting the economy!
+92DISRUPT - 2023
+92DISRUPT - 2023
+92DISRUPT - 2023
+92DISRUPT - 2023

The Investors’ Roundtable

A hallmark feature of +92Disrupt conferences, the roundtable aims to align all stakeholders of Pakistan’s startup investment landscape on the same wavelength.

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+92Disrupt 2023

Investors’ Roundtable Lineup

Atif Awan

Founder & Managing Partner

Faisal Aftab

Founder & General Partner

Kalsoom Lakhani

Co-Founder & General Partner

Misbah Naqvi

Co-Founder & General Partner

Shehryar Hydri

Managing Partner

Naiel Ikram


Babar Lakhani


A. Aziz Anis


Sergiy Stupak

Hammad Umer

Head of Pakistan

Omer Abedin

Head of VC Investments

Noor Lalani

Managing Partner

Laman Riaz

Senior Portfolio Manager

Affan Usmani

Senior Investment Officer

Karima Khan

Saad Hasan


Mushtaq Ansari

Head of Research

Ruqayya Diwan

Senior Associate

Munim Hussain

Investor Associate
+92DISRUPT - 2023
+92DISRUPT - 2023
+92DISRUPT - 2023
+92DISRUPT - 2023

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