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Katalyst Labs is a technology accelerator and innovation hub founded by Jehan Ara who, along with her core team, has played a key role in building the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Pakistan.


At Katalyst Labs, we have two primary responsibilities: An Acceleration Program that aims to help start-ups scale, and a Women Leaders Fellowship Program that’s been created to help women succeed in their specific areas of interest, refining their skills and enhancing their ability to lead.


Additionally, we work to create start-up events and conferences while also hosting knowledge sessions for entrepreneurial enthusiasts looking to engage with the start-up ecosystem in Pakistan.

Creating A Truly National Footprint

As a successor to 021Disrupt, +92Disrupt aims to be a window into the entire start-up ecosystem of Pakistan, only bigger and better!


With the change in name, the goal is apparent: we’re taking the event national! The disruption begins in Lahore with +92Disrupt: LHR edition, advancing to Islamabad with +92Disrupt: ISL edition, and culminating in a defining mega-event in Karachi: +92Disrupt: Breaking Barriers.


The events will curate a mix of expert panels, iconic keynote sessions, relevant workshops, competitive hackathons, and enthralling fireside chats, bringing together some of the most notable figures, start-ups, and stakeholders in the national ecosystem and beyond!


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