Arafat Mazhar

Founder - Puffball Studios

Arafat Mazhar is the founder of Puffball, an animation studio, and director of multiple animated short films, including Shehr e Tabassum (2020) and Swipe (2020), which takes on the nexus of technology and religious extremism, and has won multiple accolades including best short film at the Oscar 2023 qualifying film festival – CINANIMA – in the short animated film category. Swipe also became the first animated film from Pakistan showcased at Annecy 2021.

Arafat has also created multiple educational online platforms: Shehri Pakistan, which produces civic and legal literacy animations; Hashiya, a channel with a focus on critical approaches to history. He is a published author in the Bloomsbury publication ‘ Freedom of Expression in Islam: Challenging Apostasy and Blasphemy Laws’.