Faisal Aftab

Co-Founder & GP, Zayn Capital

Faisal is a Co-Founder of Zayn Capital, a leading Pakistani VC. He is the Managing Partner of Zayn BitRate Fund, a venture capital fund with a primary focus on early-stage ventures in Pakistan. His notable investment calls in Pakistan include some of the top names in the startup ecosystem:

• NayaPay.com (Seed | Co-Lead)
• TazahTech.com (Pre Seed | Co-Lead)
• PostEx.pk (Pre Seed | Co-Lead)
• Zaraye.co (Pre Seed | Co-Lead)
• SnappRetail (Pre Seed | Co-Lead)
• Colabs.pk (Seed | Co-Lead)
• GrocerApp.pk (Series A | Lead)
• KTrade.pk (Seed)
• Bazaar-Tech.com (Series A)
• TruckItIn.com (Pre Seed)
• Savyour.com.pk (Seed | Co-Lead)
• KraveMart.com (Pre Seed | Co-Lead)
• Bookme.pk (Seed, Series A | Lead)
• LAAM.pk (Seed | Lead)
• ScribeAudio.com (Pre Seed | Lead)
• Bagallery.com (Seed, Series A | Lead)
• Trellisfi.com (Pre Seed)
• Roomy.pk (Seed | Lead)
• MandiExpress.pk (Seed | Lead)
• KnowledgePlatform.com
(Seed | Co- Lead)

As an early #Bitcoin and #Ethereum investor, Faisal has a deep understanding of global macros and blockchain’s implications on the digital economy. Faisal has an MBA from Oxford University, joint Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Michigan State University USA.