Jehan Ara

Founder & CEO, Katalyst Labs

Jehan personifies what Katalyst Labs is all about – energy, passion, talent and spirit. After a 20 year stint as President of [email protected] and 6 1/2 years as Founder & CEO of The Nest I/O, this is the culmination of a dream for Jehan. She is so passionate about the cause and idea behind Katalyst Labs that the energy immediately grips you the minute you walk in! Having been an entrepreneur herself, with a strong belief in the need for growing the ecosystem and the number of Women Leaders, Jehan is forever ready to mentor and guide all those who step inside Katalyst Labs.

Drop by anytime, and she will always greet you with a warm, huge smile from behind her MacBook! Jehan is also an Independent Director on the Board of the Central Depository Council, the Punjab IT Board, IDEAS, and the Boards of several Universities. She is also on the Gender Advisory Council of the World Bank and a Member of the Prime Minister’s Taskforce on IT & Telecom. More recently she has been appointed as a Member of the Tik Tok APAC Safety Advisory Council.