Meenah Tariq

CEO & Co-founder at Metric

Meenah Tariq is CEO and co-founder at Metric, a VC funded fintech automating accounting for SMEs and startups in emerging markets. She is also a Partner at Karavan, a Middle-east based fund focused on early stage startups in Pakistan. Meenah has supported thousands of entrepreneurs over the last decade, including directly training 700+ business owners, across a wide variety of industries and geographies, in Pakistan, Nepal, Iraq and Bangladesh.

She has been designing and implementing programs to practically support women entrepreneurs, encourage entrepreneurial mindsets in young people, and equip entrepreneurs with the business acumen required to scale high-impact businesses and SMEs, with organizations such as the World Bank, DFID, and the USAID, such as World Bank’s Women Entrepreneurs Financing Initiative. Previously, she was the Head of Strategy and Accelerator at Invest2Innovate Pakistan.