Moazzam Ali Khan

Co-Founder, SnappRetail

Moazzam Ali Khan is an experienced entrepreneur with valuable experience as an FMCG leader. He is a LUMS MBA graduate with a career spanning 19 years in the retail sector. He has worked with Unilever for 7 years and served on their global team, and has also spent 6 years with L’Oreal as the General Manager CPD. He started his entrepreneurial journey in 2015 and co-founded Resource Linked, one of Pakistan’s largest FMCG retail solutions providers.

After making his first entrepreneurial venture a giant in the retail landscape of the country, Moazzam has co-founded yet another startup called SnappRetail which has received pre-seed funding of $2.5 million this year. He currently leads SnappRetail as the Chief Strategy Officer and is a driving force behind the direction of the organisation, and the funding it raises.