Yaser Awan

Director of Labs, Mindstorm Studios

Yaser is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in envisioning products and devising business strategies. He has worked in media, advertisement, hardware, e-commerce, and the digital and development sectors. He has been involved in several projects in education and entrepreneurship with organizations like Ignite, BAT, Karandaaz, DFID, etc. During his career, Yaser led the development of products that have amassed 70 Million plus users.

Yaser has also raised capital for his ventures and helped a dozen startups raise investment. He advises and trains startups on design thinking, customer centricity, and business strategies. He is currently working as Director of Labs at Mindstorm Studios where he is creating pathways for young learners to explore their passion for building games. Under his leadership, the learning initiatives by Mindstorm Studios have become the industry’s biggest exposure programs and have trained thousands of people.